The leader in Photo Chemical Etching of Small Precision Metal Parts

We provide the right part at the right time for the right price.

The Right Part

  • Working from your sketch or dxf file, we create tooling to your exacting specifications
  • Using the most advanced imaging and etching techniques we create your part with tolerances as tight as .0002" on material from .0001-.080"
  • Our quality control proceedures ensure your part meets or exceeds all your specifications
  • We'll also take your part right to print with any plating, forming, heat-treating, packaging or other needs

    The Right Time

  • Our typical lead time is 2 weeks but we can get your rush order to you in just a few days
  • We're local in the bay area so we have the flexibility to send someone out to get you what you need, where you need it when you need it.

    The Right Price

  • With low-cost tooling starting at $250 for a prototype run, we're very compeititvely priced.
  • After the initial tooling, costs are based on your type and thickness of metal, tolerances needed and labor.
  • We realize you're in a competitive market and are committed to getting you the best quality for your money. To request a quote online click here.
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