Kem-Mil Co has been in business since 1966 providing the best possible parts and service to our customers.

Kem-Mil has recently added to its team the latest in computer and laser plotting technology to produce a photo tool that can easily accommodate the most complex design and finest detail, as well as hold 1/8 mil resolution.

This advanced system produces accurate parts, it also shortens lead times and allows quick revisions thereby reducing fabrication time. Not only is this the fastest and most precise way to get a prototype, it is also the least expensive.

To ensure the product meets our customer’s specifications, we have an experienced quality assurance department. SPC AQL, and MIL-I controls are employed in maintaining the quality standards our customers need.

We have also developed a reliable support team, allowing one stop-shopping. So remember, when your part requires plating, forming, or heat treating we are able to complete it to print.

Kem-Mil stands ready to assist you with your next sheet metal fabrication requirement, whether it be a quick turn prototype, production run, or selection of the best metal. Let us show you how we can save you time and money. Our representatives are available for prompt service and technical advice. We look forward to the opportunity to help you meet your objectives.

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